A Multi-Status reaction passes on data about various assets in circumstances where numerous status codes may be proper. 

The default Multi-Status reaction body is a book/xml or application/xml HTTP substance with a ‘multistatus’ root component. Further components contain 200, 300, 400, and 500 arrangement status codes produced during the strategy conjuring. 100 arrangement status codes SHOULD NOT be recorded in a ‘reaction’ XML component. 

Albeit ‘207’ is utilized as the general reaction status code, the beneficiary needs to counsel the substance of the multistatus reaction body for additional data about the achievement or disappointment of the technique execution. The reaction MAY be utilized in progress, halfway achievement and furthermore in disappointment circumstances. 

The ‘multistatus’ root component holds at least zero ‘reaction’ components in any request, each with data about an individual asset. Every ‘reaction’ component MUST have a ‘href’ component to recognize the asset. 

A Multi-Status reaction utilizes one out of two unmistakable designs for speaking to the status: 

1. A ‘status’ component as offspring of the ‘reaction’ component demonstrates the status of the message execution for the recognized asset as a whole1. Some strategy definitions give data about explicit status codes customers ought to be set up to find in a reaction. In any case, customers MUST have the option to deal with different status codes, utilizing the nonexclusive principles characterized in RFC2616 Section 10. 

2. For PROPFIND and PROPPATCH, the configuration has been expanded utilizing the ‘propstat’ component rather than ‘status’, giving data about individual properties of an asset

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