The server has satisfied the requestand wants that the client operator reset the “report see”, which made the request be sent, to its unique state as got from the beginning server. 

This reaction is planned to help a typical information passage use situation where the client gets content that supports information section (a structure, scratch pad, canvas, and so forth.), enters or controls information in that space, makes the entered information be submitted in a request, and afterward the information passage component is reset for the following passage with the goal that the client can undoubtedly start another info activity. 

Since the 205 status code suggests that no extra substance will be given, a server MUST NOT produce a payload in a 205 reaction. At the end of the day, a server MUST do one of the accompanying for a 205 reaction: 

a) demonstrate a zero-length body for the reaction by including a Content-Length header field with an estimation of 0; 

b) show a zero-length payload for the reaction by including a Transfer-Encoding header field with an estimation of lumped and a message body comprising of a solitary piece of zero-length; or, 

c) close the association following sending the clear line ending the header area.

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