200 OK

This sort of codes delineates that the request has succeeded.

The payload sent in a 200 reaction depends upon the request technique. For the systems

described by this assurance, the normal essentialness of the payload can be plot as:

  • GET a representation of the goal target.
  • HEAD a comparable representation as GET, yet without the representation data
  • POST a representation of the status of, or results procured from, the movement;
  • PUT DELETE a representation of the status of the activity; 
  • OPTIONS a representation of the interchange communication choices; 
  • TRACE a representation of the request message as got by the end server. 

Beside reactions to CONNECT, a 200 reaction consistently has a payload, however a cause server MAY create a payload collection of zero length. In the event that no payload is wanted, a beginning server should send 204 No Content. For CONNECT, no payload is permitted on the grounds that the victory is a passage, which starts following the 200 reaction header area. 

A 200 reaction is cacheable of course; i.e., except if generally showed by the strategy definition or unequivocal store controls.

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